It has now become pivotal for every business organization to digitalize its huge data. Without digitizing, processing of raw data is not possible as business proceedings have no ends. A lot of books, articles, brochures and white papers need to be organized in a certain timeframe.

Our Data Digitization and Processing Services include:

  • Data Capturing: As a first step towards digitization of raw data we follow data capturing techniques for collecting data from unstructured documents (like letters, invoices, fax, forms etc.) using equipment like camera, scanner etc.
  • Data Entry: During digitization there may be some data that needs to be updated in computer system database by manual typing. To serve this purpose, we provide accurate and timely data entry services. Our experienced team has the capability of handling large volumes of data entry effectively.
  • Data Conversion: For solving the problem of data redundancy that often occurs in data digitization process, we provide a service of data conversion to our clients wherein large volume of unorganized data is converted to a more suitable, easy-to-access format.
  • Data Storage: In the last step of digitization processed data is stored for future use such that the stored data can be quickly accessed and retrieved.