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Timebound successful Implementation of “Tablet and Smartphone Distribution Scheme 2021-22” through the development of DigiShakti – Web Portal and Mobile App

Omni-Net had the privilege to developed an interactive Web Portal namely ‘DigiShakti’ and two Mobile Apps namely ‘DigiShakti Mapper’ & ‘DigiShakti Adhyayan’ through which the paperless automation of the complete process i.e.,

Capturing the students’ data by Institutions, pre & post-distribution activities along with pushing of learning content to the students could be seamlessly executed for the successful implementation of “Tablet and Smartphone Distribution Scheme 2021-22” for benefitting approx. 1 crore youths studying in Uttar Pradesh.

The Objective

  • Development of a reliable and interactive Web Portal, namely ‘DigiShakti
  • Development of two Mobile Apps namely ‘DigiShakti Mapper’ & ‘DigiShakti Adhyayan’  
  • Flawless Distribution of Tablets & Smartphones to students
  • Data collection – Collection of the students’ data from all the Departments, Universities, Boards, Societies, Councils, and Institutions was a mammoth task.
  • Data management – Given the high sensitivity of the data, its storage and usage also required careful planning.
  • Timelines & Deadlines – The distribution had to be done under a declared scheme. Thus, meeting the strict deadlines by daily coordinating with all the stakeholders was a mega challenge.
  • Training – The distribution was to be done in all the Districts which involved various stakeholders like District Administrators, University, Institution nodal officers, Suppliers, Inspection Team. Training them to adopt the automation process was a huge challenge for which Virtual Training was conducted by high-level officials many times.

The Solution

Web Portal (status as of 10th Feb 2022)

  • A Web Portal was developed namely ‘DigiShakti’ in which approximately 40 Lakh students’ data uploaded
  • Login and Dashboard was provided to all the stakeholders i.e. 75 Districts, 10 Departments, 38 Universities/Societies/Boards/Council, 16,000 Institutions & the Tablet & Smartphone Suppliers to process the data and view various reports.
  • Automation of the complete process of Students data management at various levels like uploading & verification by Institutions, approval by University, locking by Department, shortlisting for distribution by Institutions, final selection for distribution by District Administration
  • Automation of the other process like Supplier Management, Device Inspection, Consignment Dispatch, generation of Students’ slip, Device mapping, other pre & post-distribution activities.

Mobile App

  • DigiShakti Mapper Mobile App was used by the Nodal Officers of all the Universities and Institutions for the mapping of the devices with their students before distribution.
  • DigiShakti Adhyayan Mobile App has been installed on all the devices being distributed to the students. Through this app the students’ receive regular notifications regarding academic & other information from their Institution, University and Govt. of UP.

Onsite Technical Manpower

A dedicated team of 100+ OTPL personnel was deployed with a proper delegation and clear, charted out responsibilities for coordinating with every Institution, University, and other stakeholders. The entire task required meticulous micro-management and execution.

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