Publicity & Promotion of Kumbh 2019 on Social Media

Publicity and Promotion of Kumbh Mela 2019 on Social Media

Kumbh, known as the largest human congregation on earth and in the year 2019, Kumbh witnessed approx. 24 Crore devotees in comparison to 2013 which was approx. 12 crore.

Social Media has played a crucial role in this achievement. To cover such a large event and publicize the same on social media was a big challenge in itself.

Information and Public Relations Department partnered with OmniNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for the Publicity and promotion of Kumbh Mela-2019 on National & Global level on various social media platforms.

The Objectives were:-

  • Publicity and Promotion of Kumbh 2019 at National and Global level
  • Recognition of efforts made by Central & State Government.
  • Formulation of strategy for campaigning of Kumbh 2019 on Social Media to enhance the reach and
  • Response Mechanism during the period of #Kumbh2019
A team of 27+ Social Media Professionals stationed at High-tech Media Center at Prayagraj for On-Site Coverage.

What’s our Digital Mantra to take Publicity of Kumbh to another Level ?

Seeing the enthusiasm, world-wide fame and very serious approaches made by the State government; company quickly handled the challenge. Team OmniNet decided to go for a complete site analysis to plan the coverage but many challenges came on it way.

Area of Coverage

The Area of Kumbh this year is increased almost twice in comparison to 2013, previously it was around 1900 hectare in 2013 which was now 3200 hectare. So, it was a challenge to cover multiple events happening at different areas at the same time.

To handle such a large scale event, a good amount of dedicated and skilled manpower was utmost requirement. To fulfill this requirement, we worked on our deployment plan. We managed to deploy a team of 70 professionals who specialized in the following KRA:

  • Social Media Management
  • Video/ Photography
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing and
  • Monitoring
  • A team of 27+ social media professionals stationed at high-tech media center at Prayagraj for on-site coverage.
  • 15 social media professionals deployed at Lok Bhawan under CM office social media team for trending and Viral activities.
  • And 28 social media professionals were working at OTPL office Lucknow for overall monitoring & quality assurance.

To cover each and every event right from the Peshwai, Shahi Snan to cultural event and facilities from ground zero, Month-wise Planning for all the Kumbh activities had been done. Creatives and contents were made in well before advance and repositories were created with a strong backup system. 24×7 coordination was maintained among the teams to ensure that the coverage of any event should not be missed.

To be the first one to publish the Kumbh activities before the other official Accounts.

Official handles such as U.P. Tourism, Information Department Prayagraj and Kumbh Mela Police and Kumbh Official Account were also active, so it was a challenge to update latest events before them. To overcome this challenge, we have divided the team of Prayagraj into two parts:-

  • Field Group
  • Media Centre Group

Field Group was made responsible to cover the ground activities and media center group was responsible for creating final posts and coordinating with the other two teams.

Harsh Weather Condition during early morning coverage

Live Coverage of Snan during Kumbh on Important Bathing dates at 4 o’ clock morning in chilly weather with weak internet connectivity was a big challenge for us.

For every Snan, the team reported at the venue before the event started. Tweets and Facebook posts were made live to add a feather in the publicity cap of Kumbh across the world.

Security Hurdles during VVIP Visits

During the huge gathering in Kumbh, it was challenging for the team to cover the VIP and VVIP movements, which were under large security umbrella. In this scenario, our team members often faced many restrictions to cover the events. To cross the hurdles of the way, Company utilized its Pro-active functioning and ensured briefing and suitable permissions before every event.

Promotional Activities to increase reach and engagements.

7 Events were created on Facebook to invite people for Kumbh 2019, which had reached upto 1.2 Million people and received 33.5K responses.

We planned the campaigning into following 3 parts:

  • Pre-Campaigning under which we created Teasers, Formulated Hashtags Interesting Campaigns like Sharing Important Information, Dos & Don’ts , Paint My City, FAQs etc. and succeeded in creating the buzz all around for Kumbh 2019.
  • Campaigning tasks like creating awareness about the facilities & provisions made by Government for visitors, coverage of all important events, Live Telecasting on 80+ LEDs installed throughout Prayagraj and real time posting of daily updates like number of devotees, sanitation measures undertaken, participation of locals, world class traffic management, arrangements made by railway, medical facilities, police efforts and all other amenities.
  • World record created, Important Highlights, Kumbh 2013 vs Kumbh 2019, Development of Prayagraj, and Achievements in numbers were promoted for Post Campaigning Phase.
  • Proper responses to the queries were given to increase engagements.

Maintaining authenticity of the content

  • Approval of content was done on three levels to maintain authenticity. Approval from OTPL Team, Approval from our Head Advisor and approval from the Department
  • We adopted another way to maintain authenticity by countering fake news through our official accounts.

Global Trending and Viral

To Trend Kumbh activities at number 1 in India as well as worldwide was one of the biggest challenges in Kumbh 2019. To overcome this challenge, concept of Chain Promotion was the key. Various Departments and Influencer groups connected with us and the results were remarkable.

3 Hashtags trended worldwide at no. 1;4 Hashtags trended at no. 1 in India and 22 of them trended at Top 10 in India.

Aerial Photography (Drone)

We were the only official source for drone footage of Shahi Snans of Kumbh 2019 for national and international media. Also, some of the Photographs were globally appreciated on Online Media Platforms.

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