How E-governance is Transforming Tourism Sector | World Tourism Day

How E-governance is Transforming Tourism Sector | World Tourism Day

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December 11, 2019

How E-governance is Transforming Tourism Sector

Before the era of technology, going on a trip was hectic where we had to plan our trip atleast 3-4 months prior to trip. But, over the course of around 2 decades, planning and executing trips have simply become easier and all thanks to the improvements in travel technology i.e. E-tourism. Apparently, with the evolution of technology, tourism sector has also evolved drastically such that now all the travel related services can be availed through online platforms conveniently and hassle-free. In fact, nowadays a vast range of online travel portals are available that are easily assisting with planning and reserving components of the tourists.

Overlooking the importance of etourism in present scenario, even government has taken an initiative of E-Governance in tourism sector for transforming the way they cater to citizens. Through E-Governance, tourism sector of the government has adopted Tech-Savvy solutions for providing its various services like dissemination of information related to tourist spots, obtaining and responding to tourists’ feedback, online reservation for travelling to various tourist spots etc. that has helped the tourism industry immensely in easily offering their services to national as well as international tourists.

Here are some of the examples how E-Governance has been implemented in tourism sector:-

  • Official Websites of Tourism sector of the Government like Ministry of TourismUttar Pradesh Tourism and Pawan Path, which disseminates informations related to tourism sites in India.
  • Online booking facilities for booking tours and hotels online through Official Website(s) of Tourism sector of the Government.
  • Development of Online Travel Portals & Mobile Apps for easily accessing all the services online.
  • Use of social media to promote and publicize the Pilgrimage sites, Tourist Spots, events etc.
  • Adapting New Technologies Like 360 Degree Virtual Tours and VR Enabled Videos to enable user have virtual experience of the tourists spots without physically visiting it.
  • Integration of tourist spots with Google Maps for easy navigation.
  • Integration of Payment Gateway with online booking portal for easy Payments and many more.


Technological advancement has enabled tourism sector to provide enhanced travel experience to the tourists that has boosted tourism industry and made it one of the biggest revenue generating sectors. Thus, we can say that E-governance has not only benefitted tourism sector with revenue generation but also helped tourists in obtaining hassle-free travel related services.