May 11, 2020

How to stay productive while working from home?

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As the coronavirus outbreak forges on, we are dealing with a significant global challenge, and working from home has nowadays become one of the crucial part of our daily routine. But between the high & lows of both personal & professional life, it is difficult to maintain the same level of productivity as you had in the office.  Several reasons back this factor like easement, flexibility, freedom from dressing up, less availability of resources, internet connectivity, and few more. But, we have some amazing concepts on how to stay productive while working from home? You should follow a few things to maintain productivity and skill:-

Tips to maintain productivity:-

First, designate a proper work area to yourself which should be silent and uninterrupted. This will keep you focused and in the right state of mind.


If you manage punctuality, definitely you will provide better results and timely completion of assigned work.  Follow office timing strictly.  Don’t become habitual of the easement.


Every day you need to dress up in professional attire.  This will give you the energy to work in a more professional way.


Ensure your laptop or desktop is fully functional.  Ensure that required software, fonts and proper disc space is available in your system.


A simple to-do list can do wonders in keeping you organized, motivated, and productive at the same time. It will also help you in evaluating your progress at the end of the day, which motivates you to work better each day.


Stay Connected with your colleagues using instant messaging/videoconferencing etc. for regular discussions & updates.


In any case, you will have to keep the distance between your personal and professional life. Schedule your work hours, communicate, and plan your availability to work and then hold yourself to that commitment! Obviously your family is your responsibility, but it should not hamper your work commitments.

Taking healthy breaks from time to time is important that will help you reset your posture, fills energy and you’re ready to tackle the next chunk of tasks.

Hopefully, this Blog will help you in easily managing your work from home scenario and get the best out of you. For more blogs like this, log on to

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January 27, 2020

Some Important points to consider while planning an effective Social Media Strategy

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The role of Social Media has vitally changed in its functioning from being a tool of entertainment to a strong medium for a business to grow. With thousands of people connecting to social media sites everyday, the industry is booming like never before. Today, social media has went on to become a powerful source of communication. It not only helps in influencing consumer behavior but also to steer businesses in the right direction. But, business without an effective strategy is incomplete.

Planning Social Media Strategy is one of the most important Steps in Social Media Marketing. Here are some important points to consider while planning for a Social Media Strategy:-

  1. Know Your Objective

What’s the Purpose? One of the best ways to set your goal is to understand the vision to use Social Media for your business. Figuring out the same will help you to nail the exact point of need at present. For example, Omninet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is using Social Media to retain their existing clients and to enhance its Social Presence as a Digital Marketing Agency. Others may have an objective to generate leads from social media. Whatever your goals are, but they must be SMART i.e.





T-Time bound

The Smart Goals will help you in achieving success in the right order.

  1. Choose your Audience Personas

You have to be as specific as you can with this part to target the niche audience. It is very important for marketers to decide that which audience group they have to focus on. For example: being a 5-star hotel of Lucknow, their TA can be the people living in Lucknow and the adjacent areas, between 18-50 of age and Foodies. In short, you must answer these questions while choosing the Target Audience.

  1. Age
  2. Location
  3. Job Title
  4. Income
  5. Services you can offer
  6. Interests
  1. Choose the Platform

Social Media is one of the cheapest means of promotional channels for any business. But the big question is which one is the right platform to reach your target audience? Or do you need to invest in all of them?  Which platform can give you more ROI at a lower cost?

Once you finalized the Target audience you want to cater, it becomes easy for you to choose the platforms for Promotion. There are more than 100 Social media channels that can be used as a promotional tool. Some of the common platforms are:-

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram
  5. YouTube
  6. Snapchat etc.

Using one or more than once, it’s all up to you. You can also take help from any of the established Social Media agencies who can make it easy for you. Choose the Best Social Media Agency in Lucknow to promote your business and reach greater heights.

  1. Understand the Metrics

Once you’ve decided which platforms to cater on, it’s time to create your profiles or improve existing profiles so they could align with your strategic plan. Following are the important point should be considered before Planning an effective Strategy:-

  1. What’s the USP?
  2. Make sure that your social media profile is complete.
  3. Use keywords that are commonly searched by users and related to your business.
  4. Perfect sized images should be used for promotion, so that the message can be properly disseminated
  5. Posting should be done in appropriate time to reach maximum engagements. For Example
Appropriate time for Posting in various Social Media

Appropriate time for Posting in various Social Media

  1. Build Content Themes

The success of your Social Media campaign depends upon how interesting the content is. So, it is advisable to decide the content which can increase engagements and gives value to your communication. Here’s the list of the Content theme you can always rely on:-

  1. Talk about your USP and Services in a consistent manner
  2. Share User-generated content of your followers
  3. Throw a contest or involve the audience in some task like ‘tag a friend’
  4. Publicize behind the scenes photos and videos
  5. Comment back for positive and negative comments, make them feel important
  6. Share Tips. Teach them through: How to do? Videos
  7. Go Live on Facebook and Instagram for the real-time effect
  8. Post Blogs and Videos
  9. Show your involvement in trending topics, and
  10. Testimonials


  1. Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Sharing exceptional content is essential, but it’s important to have proper planning of when the content should be shared to get the maximum ROI simultaneously.

Your Social Media Content Calendar will include the Date, Time, Topic, Occasion, Platforms to be used, Type of Content, Use of Hashtags, and Reference of Information. Here, you can plan all your social media activities for the future purpose. From the creatives and blog posting to offers and videos, all the day-to-day planning can be done through this monthly calendar. It ensures that posts are published at the optimal times to get maximum reach. It can be modified anytime as per need.

Hopefully, this Blog will help you plan an effective social media strategy for your growing business and let you reach greater heights.

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PwD Friendly Websites – Making Digital World accessible for All | World Sight Day

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Accessible and handy websites allow a larger segment of society to access the internet and look for information. Today, government, administration, corporate houses, merchants, academic & educational institutions, etc. are working for a parallel and common motive of enabling persons with disabilities (PwD) to not only move around freely physically but also in the digital world. There are efforts all around so that the PwD doesn’t feel that they are lacking when it comes to basics of not only their movement but also for their entertainment, gaming, sports, and other recreational activities.

Web giant Google has made it clear that ‘web sites should be created for the user and not for the sole purpose of ranking’. Thankfully, people have taken notice and gone ahead by designing websites which even the PwDs can utilize by adding features such as

  1. Alt tags
  2. Screen reader Access
  3. Options for enlarging texts
  4. Contrast Theme etc.

Today, the universality of web is such that everything related to education, health care, employment, commerce, government, recreation, etc. is available on phones, laptops, and other handheld devices. This is a silent revolution that shouldn’t be limited to a few people, instead, it should be ensured that no one is left untouched. This will also serve the larger purpose of inclusiveness which almost all entities preach but not many practices.

The biggest development in this field, in continuation with many other efforts, has been the initiative of the government of India, the ‘Accessible India Campaign’ or ‘Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan’. As a collective view, universal accessibility is critical for ensuring equal opportunities. In case of PwDs, for them to live conveniently and independently, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), to which India is a signatory, under Article 9 casts obligations on the Governments for ensuring to PwDs accessibility to

(a) Information

(b) Transportation

(c) Physical Environment

(d) Communication Technology and

(e) Accessibility to Services as well as emergency services (

It is with this vision that the government has made serious efforts in not only reaching out to the PwDs but enabling them access for equal prospects. The notable points here are accessibility under information and communication technology. Websites, mobile apps make up a large share of these fields. It is a step in the right direction and goes on to show that the policymakers genuinely care for their citizens. The private sector has also made excellent progress and taken initiatives in this regard.

Accessibility barriers can be easily overcome through web technologies. A website which is accessible, enables easy interaction and gives access to information, specially for PwDs and can remove the remaining hurdles and barriers in the way of convenience of PwDs is among the biggest service which can be done to these people who need special care and attention. Choose one of the Best PwD Friendly Websites Designing Company in Lucknow.

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December 11, 2019

How E-governance is Transforming Tourism Sector | World Tourism Day

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How E-governance is Transforming Tourism Sector

Before the era of technology, going on a trip was hectic where we had to plan our trip atleast 3-4 months prior to trip. But, over the course of around 2 decades, planning and executing trips have simply become easier and all thanks to the improvements in travel technology i.e. E-tourism. Apparently, with the evolution of technology, tourism sector has also evolved drastically such that now all the travel related services can be availed through online platforms conveniently and hassle-free. In fact, nowadays a vast range of online travel portals are available that are easily assisting with planning and reserving components of the tourists.

Overlooking the importance of etourism in present scenario, even government has taken an initiative of E-Governance in tourism sector for transforming the way they cater to citizens. Through E-Governance, tourism sector of the government has adopted Tech-Savvy solutions for providing its various services like dissemination of information related to tourist spots, obtaining and responding to tourists’ feedback, online reservation for travelling to various tourist spots etc. that has helped the tourism industry immensely in easily offering their services to national as well as international tourists.

Here are some of the examples how E-Governance has been implemented in tourism sector:-


Technological advancement has enabled tourism sector to provide enhanced travel experience to the tourists that has boosted tourism industry and made it one of the biggest revenue generating sectors. Thus, we can say that E-governance has not only benefitted tourism sector with revenue generation but also helped tourists in obtaining hassle-free travel related services.

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