May 16, 2024

Crafting Digital Calm: How Web Design Channels the ASMR Experience

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In the vast expanse of the Internet, websites are not merely digital spaces; they are canvases that have the power to immerse users in unique and meaningful ways. Beyond aesthetics and functionality, some websites have the ability to induce a tingling sensation known as ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). This exploration delves into the art of web design, unraveling how a well-crafted website can elicit an ASMR-like experience, making your online journey not just informative but also remarkably soothing.

Visual Harmony

A silent language, aesthetics, plays a crucial role in establishing a serene online environment. Websites employing harmonious color palettes, balanced layouts, and pleasing typography can evoke a sense of visual calmness. Soft tones, gentle gradients, and clean designs align with ASMR principles. Dive into websites with tranquil color schemes and organized layouts for a calming experience.

Example: [Spotify Design]

Bright colors, drop shadows, and smooth animations add character and depth to this website. Flat geometric patterns with abstract accents make the artist practically jump off the screen.

Intuitive Navigation

Much like ASMR relies on subtle sounds, seamless navigation is essential for stress-free web browsing. Clear menus and logical organization match the soothing nature of ASMR. Explore websites with user-friendly interfaces and menus that intuitively guide you through the content.

Example: Dropbox –

Dropbox exemplifies intuitive navigation with a clean and simple interface. The menus are straightforward, allowing users to navigate effortlessly and focus on their tasks without unnecessary distractions.

Subtle Animations

Small animations and transitions contribute to the overall satisfaction of a website. Slow movements, smooth page transitions, and deliberate sounds can create a soothing digital experience akin to ASMR triggers. Look for websites with subtle animations that add a touch of elegance to your browsing.



Stripe incorporates subtle animations and smooth transitions throughout its website. Elements respond to user interactions with graceful movements, enhancing the overall user experience and providing a sense of digital calm.

Thoughtful Audio Elements

While traditional ASMR relies heavily on auditory triggers, websites can incorporate ambient sounds or carefully selected background music. Gentle, non-intrusive audio enriches the user experience, contributing to an overall ASMR feel. Explore platforms with seamlessly integrated soft background noises and calming music for a multisensory journey.

Example: – [Noisli]

Noisli, a meditation and relaxation platform, integrates soft background sounds and calming music into its website. The audio elements enhance the overall serenity, creating a digital space that resonates with ASMR-like sensations.

Engaging Imagery and Multimedia

High-quality images and multimedia content can captivate users, offering a sensory-rich experience. Videos with calming visuals or slideshows of serene landscapes evoke tranquility, enhancing ASMR-like sensations. Discover serene websites featuring captivating multimedia content.

Example: [National Geographic]

National Geographic utilizes high-quality imagery and immersive multimedia content to engage users. The captivating visuals create a sensory-rich experience, making the website a digital haven that aligns with ASMR principles.

Mindful Content Presentation

Clear headings, concise paragraphs, and well-structured information contribute to a sense of order and calmness. Mindful content organization allows users to absorb information without feeling overwhelmed, creating a digital space conducive to ASMR-like sensations. Explore websites with well-presented content for an easy and enjoyable reading experience.

Example: Medium –

Medium excels in mindful content presentation with clear headings and concise paragraphs. The well-structured information enhances readability, creating a calm and focused environment for readers.

Personalization and Interactivity

Websites offering personalized experiences or interactive elements engage users on a deeper level. ASMR often involves personalized experiences. In web design, this translates into personalized content or features, creating a sense of being cared for and understood.

Example: – [Pinterest],

Pinterest provides a personalized experience with tailored recommendations based on user preferences. The interactive elements, such as personalized content suggestions, enhance user engagement and create a comforting digital space.

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October 12, 2022

What is Digital Marketing and its Routes?

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With the advent of the Internet, and Telecom Industry, Digital Marketing gained currency among the major and minor businesses.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the practice of promoting products, services and businesses to prospective audiences by adapting the digital sphere, and employing Social Media, Websites, Mobile Devices, SMS, e-Mails, Search Engines, and other such identical channels & services, which are all part of this sort of Marketing.

Digital Marketing is frequently seen as a novel way for businesses to interact with their target customers and comprehend their behavior. Companies frequently blend traditional and digital marketing strategies to get the best outcome.

Digital marketing covers a wide range of activities, such as luring clients through email, content marketing, online directories, social media, and many more, and one of the primary pain in the neck is that how to stand out in a world that is saturated with advertisements for digital marketing.

So for you, we are expounding the routes for Digital Marketing. You can choose the one in accord with your business.

Routes of Digital Marketing

As there are different ways to communicate through digital media, there are also several specializations within digital marketing.

TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and other broadcasting ads are the traditional methods of marketing whereas Digital Marketing platforms have changed the entire world of advertising and are still transforming.

We are here with the 10 most popular routes of Digital Marketing that businesses can use to improve their marketing efforts.

Website Marketing


Nowadays, any brand’s website is the centric platform via which its audience can learn more about that particular business, and take direct action which will support the expansion & development of the brand straight away.

Most of the consumers are available online, using applications, search engines, and article-browsing websites. Your strategy’s goal should be to attract visitors to your website so they can read and examine your services & products and ultimately decide to procure it.

Website marketing is the method of strategically promoting a website to bring in targeted traffic. Typically, the objective is to draw potential customers to a company’s goods or services. More website visitors are equal to more chances to present your value offer to potential clients.

All digital marketing efforts revolve around a website. It is a highly influential and dynamic channel on its own and acts as the scratch point for many other digital marketing initiatives. The product and the services should all be clearly and effectively communicated through a website.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) a type of online advertising is another category of Digital Marketing under which the particular is charged each time a user clicks on the digital ad. Hence, it’s beneficial as the user only pays for the ads people actually interact with rather than paying a fixed sum to continuously show targeted ads on online channels.

Many companies employ Google Ads, as Google is the most widely used search engine, for Search engine advertising as it is one among the most popular PPC strategies. A SERP, commonly known as a Search Engine Results Page, fills a slot when one becomes available by conducting what is basically an instant auction. When someone searches for a certain term, PPC adverts are then positioned at the top of SERP depending upon the Ad quality, Keyword relevance, Landing page quality & Bid amount.

After clicking an ad, viewers are expected to carry out 1 or more target actions that are part of any PPC campaign. These processes, which go by the name of “Conversions” can either be transactional or non-transactional.

One may monitor the campaign’s performance by tracking the target conversions through the digital marketing selected channels.

Content Marketing

Reaching potential clients through the utilization of content is the aim of content marketing. Usually, after publishing on a website, content is spread through social media, email marketing, SEO etc.

The core element of an optimized page is the caliber of your content. The objective of content marketing, as with any marketing plan, is to draw leads who will eventually become customers. But content does it in a unique way from conventional advertising. Instead of luring customers with the promise of value from a product or service, it provides value in the form of textual content, like Blog Posts, e-books, Newsletters, Video or Audio Transcripts, Whitepapers & Infographics etc.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most gainful and thriving strategies of digital marketing. Despite what many people believe, email marketing is not the same as spam email. With this kind of marketing, businesses may engage with potential clients and anyone who is curious about their brands and products.

After exhausting all other digital marketing avenues to get leads to their email lists, many Digital Marketers cultivate client relationships through email marketing in order to convert leads into paying customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the practice of increasing website traffic and brand recognition through online interaction. Today, the Social Media Marketing is considered to be the best platform to promote a business. Concentrating on social media marketing can be beneficial because billions of people use social media platforms to interact.

Followed closely by LinkedIn and YouTube; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most widely used digital channels for social media marketing. The social media channels one uses for their business ultimately depend on the objectives and target market.

Social media marketing has gained popularity because it encourages engaged audience participation. It is the most common content format for digital marketers, and also becoming more popular.

It’s essential to adhere to best practices in order to develop a social media marketing plan that is successful. Some of the most significant social media marketing best practices are listed below:

Affiliate Marketing

One of the earliest kinds of marketing is Affiliate Marketing, which has been given new life by the internet. Influencers who use affiliate marketing to promote other people’s products are paid every time a lead or sale is generated. High pay is made each month to websites that sell products from numerous well-known corporations like Amazon through their affiliate programs.

It operates on the basis of revenue sharing. If you are the affiliate, you will receive an amount for each sale of the product you have promoted. If you are the merchant, you must pay the affiliate for each sale to thank the affiliate’s efforts.

Some affiliate marketers opt to review company’s items, possibly on a blog or another external website, and others may have connections with numerous retailers.

Video & Motion Marketing

One of the most well-known search engines in the world is YouTube. Before making a purchase, many consumers go to YouTube to know something new, read a review, or just to unwind the product, hence videos play a crucial role in the promotion of any services or goods.

To launch a video marketing campaign, one can use a variety of platforms, such as Facebook Videos, Instagram etc. Integrating video into SEO, content marketing, and more extensive social media marketing efforts helps businesses use it most effectively.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is another tactic used by companies & businesses these days to aware the potential prospects of their purpose and promote their offers. In fact, many non-profitable organizations and political parties these days are going hand-in-hand with technology through many initiatives which enable donors to make a direct payment or contribution by just sending a short text message.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the art and science of making online pages attractive to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Ranking on the first page of a search engine’s result page is the ultimate objective of SEO.

The key factors to take into account today while optimizing a web page for search engines are:

User engagement level & content quality, Mobile-friendliness and Inbound links’ quantity & quality.

One also needs to optimize technical SEO, which refers to all of your site’s back-end components. This covers things like loading times, broken links and URL structure. Search engines can better crawl and navigate your website by making technical SEO improvements.

Along with an art, Search Engine Optimization is also a science when these aspects are used strategically.

There isn’t a quantitative formula or established standard for getting high rankings on search engines. It’s impossible to make precise predictions because the algorithms of Google and other search engines change virtually and continuously. What one can do is keep a careful eye on the performance of website’s pages and modify the strategy as necessary.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing, like affiliate marketing, involves collaborating with an influencer—someone with a sizable following, like a celebrity, subject oriented authority, or content creator—in terms of visibility. These influencers frequently recommend your goods or services to their followers across a variety of social media platforms.

Businesses seeking to reach new audiences might find success with influencer marketing. However, since they are effectively representing a brand, it’s crucial to work with trustworthy influencers. The trust that customers have in a company might be damaged by the incorrect influencer.

If you’re also looking for a cost-effective, reputable, and trustworthy Digital Marketing Agency, get in touch with us to have a well-designed and model digital marketing campaign for your business. OmniNet Technologies, one of the top digital marketing agencies and software development firms, is recognized as the best IT company with the skills and assets to assist a business of any size and type with their digital promotion.

We offer tailored packages based on the unique demands and specifications of your business, unlike the majority of digital marketing agencies that offer pre-fixed packages. Additionally, as one of the leading digital evaluation companies, we provide comprehensive digital evaluations to help you understand and improve your digital presence.

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April 23, 2022

All you need to know about the Brand color palette

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Are you choosing just the right colors while designing websites?

A renowned Russian painter and a famous art theorist once exclaimed that color is a power which directly influences the soul and we believe that yes, the right shades have the ability to stimulate moods, alter feelings and most tones have a positive impact on our lives.

Has your purchase decision ever been based mainly on the package color?

Do you prefer dishes with an aesthetic color palette?

Does the color theme of a website keep you glued to the screen?

If the answer to these questions is YES, it’s evident that colors can influence your emotions, leading to actions. If you are a website developer or UX/UI designer, you must be well aware of the psychological effect that color can have on your target audience.

color theme of a website

To make it clearer for all, the effect can be as good as brand strengthening, increased sales or more viewership. Studies have shown that viewers take a subconscious call about the environment or the product within 90 seconds of initial viewing. Infact, between 62 and 90 percent of that assessment is based on color itself.

How customers react to colors

Artists play with just the right color combinations to bring a captivating appeal to their work. Not to mention, the world’s leading brand chains use different tones to surge their purpose and heighten our excitement.

Because the influence goes beyond the visual realm, here’s an overview of what distinguishes each color and you can determine how your brand can choose the right mix.

How customers react to colors

Red is all about Power, Passion, Energy, Strength and Excitement

Purple’s mysterious elements are linked with sophistication and royalty.

Green shows good health, freshness, growth and prosperity

Blue is a popular color choice for many brands, which is evident since the color represents trustworthiness and security.

Yellow shadows Optimism, Happiness and Creativity

Orange displays Courage, Confidence, Warmth, Innovation, Friendliness

Black gives a classic appeal blended with elegance, prestige, timelessness, and power.

Grey shows Neutrality, Reliability, Balance, Intelligence

White taps on simplicity, cleanliness, and purity, hence mainly used in health care centers.

Creating a brand color palette

Color combinations can also be used, but it is essential to remember that they can evoke certain feelings through juxtaposition. Let us understand this through an example; the color Blue when paired with Gold, can conjure notions of royalty and luxury, while when used with Pink can tend to feel more playful. Color combinations can mean different things based on cultural and contextual connotations.

Before crafting your brand color:

  1. Check out your competitors’ websites and learn from their color choices.
  2. Analyze how you can differentiate your website.
  3. For more inspiration, explore online color palette generators and find ideas for mesmerizing tones and shades.
  4. Use Dichromatic that is only two primary color schemes if possible.
  5. Complementary colors are pleasant to look at and won’t distract the viewers from your website’s content.
  6. Color shades that are iconic to your brand’s identity and values.
  7. Employ the same color consistently across all platforms to create a unified look and feel for your company that can make it memorable and recognizable.

Creating a brand color palette

The color palette you choose for your website must also express the emotions your business and its shared values aim to communicate.

To address this challenge:

  1. Identify your target demographics and study what colors they respond to.
  2. Be aware of the most trending colors in the market at present and take them into account.
  3. Examine and decide what type of emotion you wish to elicit in your audience when they land on your website.

Choose dominant colors followed by lighter tones since the former offers more visual weight.


You need not be an accomplished artist to finalize your website color scheme. Still, you will need the right people to help you understand the psychology behind the colors, emotions they conjure up, your target audience, their preferences and how you want them to feel when they land on your website.

Along with a bit of expertise, innovation, and knowledge, your modern, trendy and unique website is all set to soar high in the web world!

Choose one of the Best UI/UX Websites Designing Companies in Lucknow to transform your vision into an impactful and impressive website that you can be proud of!

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April 12, 2022

Most Popular Web Development Trends of 2022

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Latest UI Trends for 2022

The key of website design is to look to the future. UX design is an interesting topic that includes creating new things, applications, web designing, and graphical interfaces well as keeping up with technological innovations. Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and web design trends are no exception.

In recent years, designers and Web Design companies that were once revolutionary are becoming outdated, and repetitive. The worst thing you want to happen when visitors arrive at your site and reject it because it is outdated or lacks to adhere to the latest web standards.

Our prestigious web design team stays on top of all the newest website design and development trends in order to design highly functional, user-friendly websites that operate well and look amazing. Let’s take a look at some of the most important website design trends for 2022 in India.

1.     Mechanics of Split-Screen

Split-screen layouts are ideal for minimalist website designs that aren’t overburdened with bold components. Furthermore, it would be an excellent alternative for landing pages with side-by-side options. The trend from a few years ago was useful for usability and responsiveness at the time, but it’s now more of a design.

Screens that are divided horizontally or vertically with the same or distinct functional or click actions on either side are examples of these graphics. They offer a strong visual experience as well as various menus and tabs to access information.

2.     One page Website

A one page website is one which has one HTML page. There are no extra pages like an about us page, Services, or Contact Us page.  We’ve noticed an increase in the popularity of one-page websites, which do away with menus and navigation in favor of easy scrolling. When the topic matter is shorter, such as a portfolio or the presentation of a single idea, one-page sites perform well.

One-page websites push designers to reconsider their whole strategy and structure in order to not only put all of their information in the center but also to determine what is most crucial to showcase in the first place. These sites operate best when the topic matter is narrower, such as a portfolio, but they can also serve as a helpful bridge to bring visitors where they need to go faster and more efficiently without the need for unnecessary searching.

One page Website

3.     Responsive Web Design

It’s no longer enough to have a static website design that merely looks excellent on a computer screen, especially as the internet is increasingly accessed via mobile devices. When designing a website, you must take into account tablets, computers, and various smartphone models with various screen sizes.

You can ensure that your website appears great on cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops by using responsive web design. A better user experience with responsive web design implies more conversions and increased revenue.

Responsive Web Design

4.     Custom Graphic Designs & Illustrations

When compared to stock photos, the visual effect of a custom artwork has a greater impact on visitors. An illustration with vivid colors says a lot and is more engaging than merely an image. Because of the above-mentioned issue, companies are now striving to incorporate modern graphics into their websites in order to make their online presence more fascinating and engaging.

Do you want to set your website out from the competition? The best method to do it is to use customized designs with images and sketches. We provide the latest software development with unique web design services; visit our Web development company to seek help now.

Custom Graphic Designs & Illustrations

5.     Minimalism or flat design

Flat design, often known as minimalism, is not a new trend, but it is predicted to last for quite some time. Flat design is often connected with a lot of white space, but minimalism does not have to be synonymous with white in 2022. According to IT experts, there will be a lot of colorful minimalist experimentation.

You can follow this trend by creating a website with a bright background color, few design elements, and clean typography to produce a visually appealing and user-friendly website. Simply put, minimalism does not have to be monotonous, and you can experiment with color.


Some of the topics that we discussed in this blog may be known to you, but others may be new to you.  Before you choose a trend to implement, keep in mind the primary goal of your website which is to assist people in achieving their objectives by creating effective websites.

Before implementing a trend, you should examine the benefits and drawbacks. Choose the one that provides a more enjoyable and engaging user experience. Our web design and development team came up with a visually appealing and effective design that integrates many of the most recent web design trends.

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May 11, 2020

How to stay productive while working from home?

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As the coronavirus outbreak forges on, we are dealing with a significant global challenge, and working from home has nowadays become one of the crucial part of our daily routine. But between the high & lows of both personal & professional life, it is difficult to maintain the same level of productivity as you had in the office.  Several reasons back this factor like easement, flexibility, freedom from dressing up, less availability of resources, internet connectivity, and few more. But, we have some amazing concepts on how to stay productive while working from home? You should follow a few things to maintain productivity and skill:-

Tips to maintain productivity:-

First, designate a proper work area to yourself which should be silent and uninterrupted. This will keep you focused and in the right state of mind.


If you manage punctuality, definitely you will provide better results and timely completion of assigned work.  Follow office timing strictly.  Don’t become habitual of the easement.


Every day you need to dress up in professional attire.  This will give you the energy to work in a more professional way.


Ensure your laptop or desktop is fully functional.  Ensure that required software, fonts and proper disc space is available in your system.


A simple to-do list can do wonders in keeping you organized, motivated, and productive at the same time. It will also help you in evaluating your progress at the end of the day, which motivates you to work better each day.


Stay Connected with your colleagues using instant messaging/videoconferencing etc. for regular discussions & updates.


In any case, you will have to keep the distance between your personal and professional life. Schedule your work hours, communicate, and plan your availability to work and then hold yourself to that commitment! Obviously your family is your responsibility, but it should not hamper your work commitments.

Taking healthy breaks from time to time is important that will help you reset your posture, fills energy and you’re ready to tackle the next chunk of tasks.

Hopefully, this Blog will help you in easily managing your work from home scenario and get the best out of you. For more blogs like this, log on to

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January 27, 2020

Some Important points to consider while planning an effective Social Media Strategy

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The role of Social Media has vitally changed in its functioning from being a tool of entertainment to a strong medium for a business to grow. With thousands of people connecting to social media sites everyday, the industry is booming like never before. Today, social media has went on to become a powerful source of communication. It not only helps in influencing consumer behavior but also to steer businesses in the right direction. But, business without an effective strategy is incomplete.

Planning Social Media Strategy is one of the most important Steps in Social Media Marketing. Here are some important points to consider while planning for a Social Media Strategy:-

  1. Know Your Objective

What’s the Purpose? One of the best ways to set your goal is to understand the vision to use Social Media for your business. Figuring out the same will help you to nail the exact point of need at present. For example, Omninet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is using Social Media to retain their existing clients and to enhance its Social Presence as a Digital Marketing Agency. Others may have an objective to generate leads from social media. Whatever your goals are, but they must be SMART i.e.





T-Time bound

The Smart Goals will help you in achieving success in the right order.

  1. Choose your Audience Personas

You have to be as specific as you can with this part to target the niche audience. It is very important for marketers to decide that which audience group they have to focus on. For example: being a 5-star hotel of Lucknow, their TA can be the people living in Lucknow and the adjacent areas, between 18-50 of age and Foodies. In short, you must answer these questions while choosing the Target Audience.

  1. Age
  2. Location
  3. Job Title
  4. Income
  5. Services you can offer
  6. Interests
  1. Choose the Platform

Social Media is one of the cheapest means of promotional channels for any business. But the big question is which one is the right platform to reach your target audience? Or do you need to invest in all of them?  Which platform can give you more ROI at a lower cost?

Once you finalized the Target audience you want to cater, it becomes easy for you to choose the platforms for Promotion. There are more than 100 Social media channels that can be used as a promotional tool. Some of the common platforms are:-

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram
  5. YouTube
  6. Snapchat etc.

Using one or more than once, it’s all up to you. You can also take help from any of the established Social Media agencies who can make it easy for you. Choose the Best Social Media Agency in Lucknow to promote your business and reach greater heights.

  1. Understand the Metrics

Once you’ve decided which platforms to cater on, it’s time to create your profiles or improve existing profiles so they could align with your strategic plan. Following are the important point should be considered before Planning an effective Strategy:-

  1. What’s the USP?
  2. Make sure that your social media profile is complete.
  3. Use keywords that are commonly searched by users and related to your business.
  4. Perfect sized images should be used for promotion, so that the message can be properly disseminated
  5. Posting should be done in appropriate time to reach maximum engagements. For Example
Appropriate time for Posting in various Social Media

Appropriate time for Posting in various Social Media

  1. Build Content Themes

The success of your Social Media campaign depends upon how interesting the content is. So, it is advisable to decide the content which can increase engagements and gives value to your communication. Here’s the list of the Content theme you can always rely on:-

  1. Talk about your USP and Services in a consistent manner
  2. Share User-generated content of your followers
  3. Throw a contest or involve the audience in some task like ‘tag a friend’
  4. Publicize behind the scenes photos and videos
  5. Comment back for positive and negative comments, make them feel important
  6. Share Tips. Teach them through: How to do? Videos
  7. Go Live on Facebook and Instagram for the real-time effect
  8. Post Blogs and Videos
  9. Show your involvement in trending topics, and
  10. Testimonials


  1. Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Sharing exceptional content is essential, but it’s important to have proper planning of when the content should be shared to get the maximum ROI simultaneously.

Your Social Media Content Calendar will include the Date, Time, Topic, Occasion, Platforms to be used, Type of Content, Use of Hashtags, and Reference of Information. Here, you can plan all your social media activities for the future purpose. From the creatives and blog posting to offers and videos, all the day-to-day planning can be done through this monthly calendar. It ensures that posts are published at the optimal times to get maximum reach. It can be modified anytime as per need.

Hopefully, this Blog will help you plan an effective social media strategy for your growing business and let you reach greater heights.

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PwD Friendly Websites – Making Digital World accessible for All | World Sight Day

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Accessible and handy websites allow a larger segment of society to access the internet and look for information. Today, government, administration, corporate houses, merchants, academic & educational institutions, etc. are working for a parallel and common motive of enabling persons with disabilities (PwD) to not only move around freely physically but also in the digital world. There are efforts all around so that the PwD doesn’t feel that they are lacking when it comes to basics of not only their movement but also for their entertainment, gaming, sports, and other recreational activities.

Web giant Google has made it clear that ‘web sites should be created for the user and not for the sole purpose of ranking’. Thankfully, people have taken notice and gone ahead by designing websites which even the PwDs can utilize by adding features such as

  1. Alt tags
  2. Screen reader Access
  3. Options for enlarging texts
  4. Contrast Theme etc.

Today, the universality of web is such that everything related to education, health care, employment, commerce, government, recreation, etc. is available on phones, laptops, and other handheld devices. This is a silent revolution that shouldn’t be limited to a few people, instead, it should be ensured that no one is left untouched. This will also serve the larger purpose of inclusiveness which almost all entities preach but not many practices.

The biggest development in this field, in continuation with many other efforts, has been the initiative of the government of India, the ‘Accessible India Campaign’ or ‘Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan’. As a collective view, universal accessibility is critical for ensuring equal opportunities. In case of PwDs, for them to live conveniently and independently, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), to which India is a signatory, under Article 9 casts obligations on the Governments for ensuring to PwDs accessibility to

(a) Information

(b) Transportation

(c) Physical Environment

(d) Communication Technology and

(e) Accessibility to Services as well as emergency services (

It is with this vision that the government has made serious efforts in not only reaching out to the PwDs but enabling them access for equal prospects. The notable points here are accessibility under information and communication technology. Websites, mobile apps make up a large share of these fields. It is a step in the right direction and goes on to show that the policymakers genuinely care for their citizens. The private sector has also made excellent progress and taken initiatives in this regard.

Accessibility barriers can be easily overcome through web technologies. A website which is accessible, enables easy interaction and gives access to information, specially for PwDs and can remove the remaining hurdles and barriers in the way of convenience of PwDs is among the biggest service which can be done to these people who need special care and attention. Choose one of the Best PwD Friendly Websites Designing Company in Lucknow.

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December 11, 2019

How E-governance is Transforming Tourism Sector | World Tourism Day

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How E-governance is Transforming Tourism Sector

Before the era of technology, going on a trip was hectic where we had to plan our trip atleast 3-4 months prior to trip. But, over the course of around 2 decades, planning and executing trips have simply become easier and all thanks to the improvements in travel technology i.e. E-tourism. Apparently, with the evolution of technology, tourism sector has also evolved drastically such that now all the travel related services can be availed through online platforms conveniently and hassle-free. In fact, nowadays a vast range of online travel portals are available that are easily assisting with planning and reserving components of the tourists.

Overlooking the importance of etourism in present scenario, even government has taken an initiative of E-Governance in tourism sector for transforming the way they cater to citizens. Through E-Governance, tourism sector of the government has adopted Tech-Savvy solutions for providing its various services like dissemination of information related to tourist spots, obtaining and responding to tourists’ feedback, online reservation for travelling to various tourist spots etc. that has helped the tourism industry immensely in easily offering their services to national as well as international tourists.

Here are some of the examples how E-Governance has been implemented in tourism sector:-


Technological advancement has enabled tourism sector to provide enhanced travel experience to the tourists that has boosted tourism industry and made it one of the biggest revenue generating sectors. Thus, we can say that E-governance has not only benefitted tourism sector with revenue generation but also helped tourists in obtaining hassle-free travel related services.

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